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·        The computer will run the engine without connection to a lap top,  and is already fitted with the latest Program 

  • Open Commodore Lap Top Programs    (Click to Open/Select to Open in New Window)

    • Down Load Tuner Pro

    • Click run

    • use Install Wizard

    • Save in Program Files

    • Down Load OSE Plugin.dll

    • Right click/Click show in folder

    • Copy and Paste in

    • On XP in Tuner Pro in Program Files

    • On W7 and XP  in  My Documents Tuner Pro Plugins


    • Down Load Bin File

    • Select  latest file on top of list

    • Right click/Click show in folder

    • Copy and Paste in

    • Save in  My Documents Tuner Pro/Bins

    • Download XDF Zip File

    • Extract File

    • Save in  My Documents Tuner Pro/Bins Definitions

    • Download ADX Zip File

    • Extract File

    • Save in  My Documents Tuner Pro/Bins Definitions 

  • Open Tuner Pro from Icon on Desktop  

·          If Tuner Pro did not automatically put a short cut on the desk top 

·          Go to list of Programs and left click on Tuner Pro 

·          Right click on Tuner Pro RT and send to desktop 

·          This will say it is unregistered copy but it will work fine, we have paid the registration 

  • Go to Acquistion Menu
  • Select Load Definition file
  • Select ADX File in My Documents/Tuner Pro/Bin Definitions
  • Click Ok
  • Go to Tools Menu and Click on Preferences 
    • Go to Data Aqu Tab

o   select Interface Type 

§ Use Plugin 


o   Select Date Aqu I/O Plug-In Component

§ Use OSE Plugin 


o   Emulations Plug-In Component

§ Use OSE Plugin 


o   Click Ok 

  •   Plug into car and turn ignition on, Plug USB cable 


·          Go to Tools/Preferences/Data Aqu Emulation/Configure Plug In Component

  • Select Comms/Port  
  • Select Serial Port
  • If this is not identified check process in Questions and Answers (click to access)
  • Unplug and replug can be enough to identify
  • Most computers auto Identify
  • Click Ok



·          Click on double arrows to connect to live data start 

·          If does not work click on cable symbol to re set connection 

·          Go to Advanced Tuning 1 for operation instructions

  • To Operate the Program you can set the screen up a number of ways  I suggent using the Parameter Category Format for easy use.
    File List Parameter Category



    when you want to adjust the fuel Map go to Fuel/Running AFR/Volumetric Efficiency
    (note we are not using AFR but this is where the Map is)

      Fuel Map


      • when you want to adjust the Ignition Map go to Spark/EST/20-100kPa Main spark Advance
        (note the total advance is also lock in other windows)
      Ignition Map