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EF - AU Coil Pack Engines  




Do not run the engine with the lap top connected to the chip.


The computer is already fitted with a chip and program to run your engine, obviously with tuning and engine modifiecations you will need to tune the chip


This is done by removing the chip after disconnecting the Battery Positive terminal and connect to your Lap top


The Chip is a J3 chip from TI Performance a guide to tuning can be found at


The tuning is done using Tuner Pro software instructions for such are below.


In most cases you will be changing the Fuel Map Table use the VE Table for this found at:

  • Parameter type
  • Table
  • Volumetric Efficiency Table


  • Open Ford EF-AU Lap Top Programs   (Click to Open/Select to Open in New Window) 
    • Down Load Tuner Pro

    • Click run

    • use Install Wizard

    • Save in Program Files

    • Down Load OSE Plugin.dll

    • Right click/Click show in folder

    • Copy and Paste in

    • On XP in Tuner Pro in Program Files

    • On W7 and XP  in  My Documents Tuner Pro Plugins


    • Down Load Bin File

    • Select  latest file on top of list

    • Right click/Click show in folder

    • Copy and Paste in

    • Save in  My Documents Tuner Pro/Bins

    • Download XDF Zip File

    • Extract File

    • Save in  My Documents Tuner Pro/Bins Definitions

    • Open Tuner Pro from Icon on Desktop  

·          If Tuner Pro did not automatically put a short cut on the desk top 

·          Go to list of Programs and left click on Tuner Pro 

·          Right click on Tuner Pro RT and send to desktop 

·          This will say it is unregistered copy but it will work fine, we have paid the registration 

  • Go to Tools Menu and Click on Preferences 
    • Go to Data Aqu Tab

o   select Interface Type 

§ Use Plugin 

  • Plug in Interface, (may need to load Drivers from Internet should be automatic)
  • Configure COM Port
    • Select com Port that Interface is connected to

o   Select Date Aqu I/O Plug-In Component

§ Use OSE Plugin 


o   Emulations Plug-In Component

§ Use OSE Plugin 


o   Click Ok 

  •   Plug into car and turn ignition on, Plug USB cable 


·          Go to Tools/Preferences/Data Aqu Emulation/Configure Plug In Component

(this should have happened in previous step)

  • Select Comms/Port  
  • Select Serial Port
  • If this is not identified check process in Questions and Answers (click to access)
  • Unplug and replug can be enough to identify
  • Most computers auto Identify
  • Click Ok



·          Click on double arrows to connect to live data start 

·          If does not work click on cable symbol to re set connection 

·          Go to Advanced Tuning 1 for operation instructions

  • To Operate the Program you can set the screen up a number of ways  I suggent using the Parameter Category Format for easy use.
    File List Parameter Category



    when you want to adjust the fuel Map go to Fuel/Running AFR/Volumetric Efficiency
    (note we are not using AFR but this is where the Map is)

      Fuel Map


      • when you want to adjust the Ignition Map go to Spark/EST/20-100kPa Main spark Advance
        (note the total advance is also lock in other windows)
      Ignition Map