Basic Car Set Up

Basic Car Set Up

NON Winged V6 Sprint Car Set Up 


  • Right Rear:            1025
  • Left Rear:              1000
  • Right Front            1025
  • Front Left              1000

Block Standard Rail Car:

  • Front:                   3.5”
  • Back:                    4”

Tyres Pressure: 

  • Right Rear              8 PSI
  • Left Rear:              4.5 to 5 PSI
  • Right Front:           12 PSI
  • Left Front:             10 PSI

 Tyre Position:


  • Right Rear:
    • 18”
    • measured from the centre of the wheel to frame
  • Left Rear:
    • 10.5 to 11”
    • centre of wheel to outside of rear arm
    • close to but not rubbing arm



  • Right Rear:            4 or 5
  • Left Rear:              4/7 or 3/8 tie down
  • Right Front            5
  • Front Left              4/5 tie down


  • WHEELS  tension front to 20 Ft LBS


  • Rear of Car Loose:

o       Drop RHR Pressure 1 PSI

o       Move RHR Wheel In 1” at a time

o       Less Stagger

o       Softer Shocker on the RHR

  • Rear of Car Tight:

o       Raise RHR Pressure 1 PSI

o       Move RHR Wheel Out 1” at a time

o       More Stagger

o       Heavier Shocker on the RHR


  • Grease
    • Make sure  the drive shaft and torque tube are able to slide freely
    • Put Molly Grease on the splines of the drive shaft
    • Don’t forget the spring in the uni
    • Put Molly Grease on the torque tube where it slides on the ball
  • 6″ Blocks
    • Set the rear up on 6″ blocks (6 and a 5 if up rail)
    • Set the length from the front of the engine plate to the axle at exactly 38 5/8″
    • Measure from the frame to the torque to ensure in the centre of the frame
    • Put the birdcages on now, using spacers to make sure they are in the right position on the axle
    • Use the levels on the birdcages (if Fitted) to make sure they are sitting right ie the rear arm link is exactly at the bottom
    • Fit the rear arms they should be in the centre of the bolt
    • Fit the radius rods, making sure he radius rods are free to move never have too much thread showing
  • 4″ Blocks
    • Set the rear up on 4″ blocks (4 and a 3 if up rail)
    • Fit the ladder
    • do the stops up finger tight and lock them up
    • Ladder and torque ball should be free to move
  • On Wheels
    • Put on wheels and check ride height
    • Check ladder and torque ball are free