Burning Process for VR Chips

To burn VR chips from a programable computer the use of the Flash Tool is now required in most situations.

Set Up the Flash Tool

  • Download the Flash Tool from Flash Tool
  • Run
  • Turn the Ignition on on the vehicle
  • Go to Options and Select preferences as per below

User Preferences VR 11P


  • Select ECU Comm Port
    • this is the one the ALDL is connect to and will be the same as you had on the Tuner Pro
  • Click OK



Run the Flash Tool Software

  •  Click connect to ECU as below

OSE Flash Tool Operation VR 11P

  • This will detect what Version Program you are using.
  • Status should say “Found $11 OSE Pro PCM”
  • To download file to burn click “Get Bin” button
  • This will down load the entire file ready for Burning
  • Name and Save file
  • This is the file you now burn to the EPROM