Questions and Answers for Programable chips


  1. Program Cannot Identify Coms Port
    • Go to Start Menu
    • Right Click on My Computer
    • Select Manage
    • Double Click Device Manager
    • Double Click Ports (COM and LPT)
    • Look for Communication Port
    • USB Serial port (COM xxxxx)
    • This is the Port Number you have to put in

Go to Tools/Preferences/Data Aqu Emulation/Configure Plug In Component

    • Select Comms/Port  
    • Select Serial Port
    • Click OK

2.0      Problems getting your computer to work with the program

    • Tuner Pro is designed to operate on Windows 7.0 as a Min
    • If you are having trouble getting the system to work send us your lap top and we will set it up for you, cost is $200 plus freight