Basic Tuning System for Programmable ECU


Engine Dash





Remember this is for tuning your race car, an additional circuit board with a read/write chip has been added to the computer, I recommend that you do not use this all the time

and when you have your set up burn the program to a normal VR chip, we can do this for you.


This system allow the adjustment of fuel map, ignition map, rev limits very easily.


There are hundreds of parameters that can be changed within the program this will be covered in Advanced Tuning 1, and an even more advanced in Advanced Tuning 2


The supplied program is a basic operation and has a number of the tuning parameters turned off for speedway applications.


  • Turned Off

o   Knock sensor

o   O2 Sensor

o   Cam Position Sensor

o   All unused Fault codes including Auto codes




The program Tuner Pro, is a freeware program that we have paid for, and will donate part of every sale to it as well.


The set up for this is in the instructions as supplied in your initial set up, the program has been developed for speedway applications so that you can go move directly into tuning fuel and ignition maps.





Tuning fuel and Ignition Maps. 


  • Click on the down arrow to receive the current chip information to the Lap top
  • Go to View by and click on Parameter Type “Tree”
  • You can edit anything and then click the Up Arrow to send the changes to the ECU
  • You can also use Real Time Mode with the button to the right of the arrow that says Enable/ Disable Emulation
  • To save your work under file click on Save Bin as, recommend always change the file name to ensure you can go back if you need to
  • To display the Dash go to the round Red gauge, open it with engine Data
  • Live trace is found to the left of the Dash icon
  • Start with Ignition advance Map (found in Tables MAP A EST) and a good timing light set up you advance vs RPM, remember most EFI programs as designed to have a knock sensor, thus will have excessive advance, most modified engines for oval track use a max of 38 degrees advance, if you can make max power at lower advance setting use that
  • Go to the fuel Map (found in Tables Volumetric Efficiency) this will allow you to change the amount of fuel required across the rev and load range, be very careful is you reduce the figures, this should be done only with accurate exhaust measuring equipment.  Before making any changes to a fuel or ignition map make sure the engine is at normal operating temperature and the injectors are clean and flowing correctly.

Fuel Map