Lap Top ECU Interface set up

Different Programmable Set ups:

  • Commodore engines VN to VY (all based on VR Computer)
  • Ford engines¬† EF to BF (all based on EF with coil Pack or Individual coil)

Instructions for installing programmable Programs


Cannot get your Laptop to work

Having trouble getting your Laptop to work, send it to us it will cost you Postage both ways and $200.00 we will get it running for you

You can Burn a Commodore chip:

Remember this is for tuning your race car, an additional circuit board with a read/write chip has been added to the computer, I recommend that you do not use this all the time

and when you have your set up burn the program to a normal VR chip, we can do this for you.

You cannot burn a FORD chip:

FORD Programable system uses the J3 chip, this has a battery and one day will go flat, make sure you have a copy of the program on your computer

Dash Board